Meet the Cast: Jason

Meet the Cast: Jason

Meet Jason, an origami artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jason began creating origami to give as gifts to his friends. While on the Spring 2013 photo shoot, Jason was creating flower hair ties for the girls and even created an origami eagle for the American Eagle Outfitters team. Throughout the week, Jason was constantly getting requests for different pieces of origami to use in photos, videos, and for gifts.  Jason loves Asian culture, so origami is the perfect creative outlet for him.

jason origami flower hair tie american eagle outfitters spring 2013 live your life

Jason made this origami flower hair tie for our Social Media Coordinator Cassie.

His friends are very important to him, and he loves making people laugh and smile.  Jason’s friends would describe him as outspoken, confident, and full of self-esteem. His energy is infectious and he was constantly getting everyone dancing and laughing on set at the photo shoot.

Jason’s personal style is influenced by people he sees who look confident and happy being themselves. He loves taking simple pieces and giving them his own flair and even shared a new way to tie a tie with our stylist. Throughout the years, Jason’s style has evolved to be more bold and daring, matching his personality.

Check out what Jason brought to Los Angeles for the Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know him and see what he can’t live a day without.

JASON dydynaski origami artist from zanesville ohio american eagle outfitters spring 2013 live your life

Take a peek inside Jason’s suitcase.

“My moccasins are something that truly represent my life and what I have been through, they are too destroyed to even make a matching pair, but they have marks from all the places I’ve been. My moccasins  take all the places I’ve been to where I am. Since I moved a lot as a kid, keeping friends close is important. I always carry around letters and gifts from friends to keep them in mind.  Growing up in a really diverse neighborhood I have taken in many different cultures and made them my own. My parents used to call my group of friends the United Nations, so listening to Korean music while studying Russian is just natural to me.  As an artist, I always have to keep my hands busy, origami and paper sculpture are my specialties and I’m a always turning inspiration from nature into art or making gifts for friends or even strangers wherever I go.”

Follow Jason:

Twitter: @jasondydynski

Instagram: @clashwithyou

Check out Jason’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Music Artist: Ra Ra Riot

Song Title: Beta Love

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