Jenna’s Makeup Looks for Spring

Jenna’s Makeup Looks for Spring

We had the opportunity to work with Aerie’s makeup artist and Clinque’s first ever Global Colour Artist Jenna Menard during our Spring 2013 photo shoot. Jenna carefully crafted a makeup look for each girl during the photo shoot to show off her personal style and the theme of the season – color! Read below to find out how Jenna achieved the six distinctive looks and how you can replicate their make-up style.

Simple & Fresh – Emily Beth

For Emily Beth I wanted to focus on her eyes that were as bright as her personality without taking anything away from them. For shadow, I used a soft cream pink shimmer on the lid (top and bottom), a few coats of mascara, cream blush in a violet pink, and for the lips I created a custom mix of a gloss with a hint of the cream pink eye shadow on the bow of her lip.

Lip Pop – Lindsey

Lindsey was up for experimenting with different looks so we had fun with some color. She is a fellow makeup artist, so I worked with her on what she was interested in trying for the shoot and she was up for anything! I decided the main event for her was the pop of color on her lips, but didn’t leave the eyes natural. I used a semi-natural finish lip crayon with intense color and blotted it down to get that perfect worn in lip look. On her eyes I used a bit of liner smudged to a shadow to create definition and also add another element of color on the face. I layered 2 shades of soft liner and blended them together, dragging them upward and stopping before reaching the crease of the lid. On her cheek I dusted a warm toned blush just below the cheekbone to create some shape.


Effortless Warmth-Malia

malia american eagle outfitters makeup surfer spring 2013 live your life make up by jenna menard

Malia’s Spring Makeup Look: Eyes – Colour Surge Eye Shadow Beige Shimmer; Face – Up Lighting Liquid Illuminaton Bronze

For someone who is on the beach and catching waves most of the time, I wanted to stay true to Malia’s lifestyle and overall vibe. This look was all about her bronzed skin and slight definition around the eye with no signs of hard lines or bright colors. I used a taupe shadow around the eye – the key was to not over think it, just swipe the color on and make sure it is blended into the lid. I then accentuated her sun-kissed glow with liquid bronze highlight on her face and lips. Only two products and she had the ultimate surfer look!

Natural Elegance – Marisa

Since Marisa is a ballet dancer, I used soft neutral shades keeping her look naturally elegant. I played off of who she was as a person- sweet and uplifting.

I stated by drawing more attention to her brows. I used a brow pencil to naturally fill in her brows to frame and draw more attention to her eyes. Since attention was drawn upward, I used a brow liner around the eyes topped with a combination of two neutral taupe shades on the lid, keeping the shadow just above the crease of the lid. I couldn’t resist applying a pale pink blush classic of what I think of when thinking of ballet dancers! It was subtle. On the lips I used a tinted balm to bring some natural coloring to the lips.

Define and Glow – Megan


Being a photographer herself, Megan was intrigued by the entire atmosphere of our photo shoot. She embraced each step of the process. For Megan, I went for a monotone bronze look focusing on her amazing lashes. For a hint of color and definition around the eyes, I used a plum eyeliner and blended it so there was no sign of a line. For even more definition I used a volume mascara and applied multiple coats. I combined both bronzer and a warm shimmer bronze blush to create a warm glow on the skin. Lastly, I used a nude lip color to create the monotone feel.

Peachy Sheen – Tonikali


Tonikali shined on the inside so I brought it to life with her makeup look. With a few hints of peach and some sheen on the lid, Tonikali was set. I used a cream shimmer shadow all over her lid, fading gradually all the way to just below the brow. On her cheeks I used a cream stick that was a peach tone to bring a pop of color to the face. For her lips I used a very sheer wash of a deep raisin color to create a naturally healthy lip tone.

Coming Soon: The Return of Project Live Your Life

Coming Soon: The Return of Project Live Your Life

Have you seen the fresh faces currently in our stores, social profiles and on They were the winners of our Project Live Your Life Contest last fall. Lucky for you, the contest is coming back even better this February.

We want to see your personal style and what makes you unique. This is your chance to show us how you live your life through photography, music, dancing or any other hobby or passion and the style you rock while doing it.

Here’s how you can prepare:

Find some photos

Scour Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and any other photo library you have for your favorite photos of yourself showcasing your individual style. Whether your looks are Bright & Bold, Sharp & Chic, Heritage, Festival, Beach or Spring Break we want to see you highlight your style with a few awesome shots.

Put your talent on display

What’s your talent, passion or hobby? Are you an Artist? Writer? Musician? No matter what you live to do, we want to see it! Prepare your best videos, photos, artwork, song files, writing samples and more to showcase in your contest entry.

Tell your friends and family

To be considered as a finalist by our judging panel, you must be voted in to the top 200 in your category by other people. So get the word out now to your friends and family! Once your entry is live on the Project Live Your Life site make sure you Tweet, Facebook, Pin and Email to get as many votes as you can.

That’s it! Be sure to bookmark so you’re ready to go when the contest launches. Good luck and be sure to check back here and our Facebook page to get more details and updates throughout the contest.

Jenn Rogien’s Spring Essentials

Jenn Rogien’s Spring Essentials

We sat down with Aerie’s Style & Fit Expert, Jenn Rogien, to chat about what is hot for Aerie spring 2013. Read on to learn more about the spring essentials you must have in your wardrobe this season.

Hidden Love Pushup Bra

Hidden Love Pushup Bra

“My first spring pick is a true foundation piece. The Hidden Love bra is lightly lined,with a little bit of padding, and this brilliant piece has hidden underwire. This bra is all about looking pretty, feeling pretty and not showing what is underneath.”

“Another Spring essential – the Vintage Lace Cami. This tank the perfect layering piece and it comes in fantastic colors for spring.”

Rugby Stripe Bikini

Rugby Stripe Bikini

“My next pick for spring essentials is actually thinking a little bit forward – it’s time to get ready for swim season. I love the Brooke Rugby Stripe swim for it’s great colors and vintage shape.”

“Another key essential is a transition piece. The Aerie Colorblock Sweatshirt is the most amazing, lightweight fleece to carry you through those chilly nights as we head towards summer.”

Aerie Dream T

Aerie Dream T

“The Aerie Dream T  is the perfect v-neck t and it comes in so many colors that will go with everything you are doing for spring.”

“Circling back to foundations, the Vintage Lace Thong. Go and pick it up  in every color. Best of all – it eliminates all of your VPL.”

Reese Limited Edition Pushup

“The last spring essential, a fun bra that makes you feel fun and pretty and adds a pop of color to your wardrobe. Try the Reese Limited Edition Pushup with matching Cutie Booty Heart Bikini.”


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from Jenn and in the mean time – follow her on Twitter!

AE Friends & Family: Meet Alicia K., Human Resources Coordinator

AE Friends & Family: Meet Alicia K., Human Resources Coordinator

Alicia K., Human Resources Coordinator for American Eagle Outfitters, provides training and support to various departments throughout the company, including our Marketing and Merchandising Teammate Programs for new college graduates. Read below to find out tips for nailing your interview for a position at American Eagle Outfitters Home Office and to learn a little more about Alicia!

How did you discover your passion?

I learned early in my career that I have a passion for working with and connecting with new people. At American Eagle, the people and culture really allowed for me to connect with people which helps to make me feel very passionate about my role at AE.

How did you get your start in human resources?

I actually started my career at AE at the desk as the HR Receptionist in 2007, I then moved to Merchandising as an Executive Staff Assistant to our Chief Merchandising Officer of AE Brand before joining the HR Training team again in April 2011. I love my team in HR. They make coming to work a lot of fun.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

My mother is absolutely the most influential person in my life. She inspires and helps to guide my life every day. She has been a great role model and helped to shape my work ethic and drive to be successful and happy in my life.

Studying in Rome, Italy during college was the most influential experience for me. It opened my eyes to all of the opportunities that live outside of your comfort zone. I love learning about new cultures and I learned a lot about myself being so far away from home.

Alicia K American Eagle Outfitters Human Resources Coordinator Family

Alicia with her family.

What is next on your ‘To Do In Life’ list?

TRAVEL! I have a long list of places to see both in the US and abroad. If I could spend all of my money on traveling the world, I would.

Last May, I completed my first Half Marathon. It was something I never thought I would do. It was so hard to train but the experience was one I will never forget! All of the hard work was totally worth it – very rewarding!

I definitely want to have a family someday too. I come from a very big, loud family so I can’t imagine my life without my own family someday as well.

How would you describe your style?

I would say I have somewhat of a blend of boho/edgy. I like understated outfits with bold accessories or statement prints, lots of layers and I love to try new trends on for size. I try to be comfortably chic as much as possible.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My friends inspire me! I am fortunate to have really supportive friends that are also so much fun to be around. I would be lost without them.

Alicia K American Eagle Outfitters Human Resources Coordinator Family

Alicia with her boyfriend, Daniel.

Where is the coolest place you have traveled for your job?

I had a great opportunity to travel to Mexico City, Mexico in November to help the International team with an interview event for the first store openings in February and March. It was a lot of work but one of the best experiences I have ever been a part of.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The best thing about my job is that I get to work with my friends every day. I really enjoy working with the new hired employees and full time trainees through Orientation and the Teammate Training Programs. Their energy and excitement to start their new career is very motivating and makes me realize how lucky I am to be a part of AEO.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to work at American Eagle Outfitters?

Do your research! Learn about the company history, brand DNA, leadership team and company strategies. The more you know before you interview, the better!

Build as many connections as you can inside and outside of AEO. Don’t get discouraged and make the most of your current job and any opportunity that comes your way. Even if the first opportunity doesn’t work out for you, keep trying. It’s always worth waiting for the right job.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Aerie has you covered. From shy to shocking, our pinks make for the sweetest eye candy. Read on for our top picks to make your February 14th sexy & sweet.

Any pink bra should be on the top of your list this Valentine’s Day. Our Limited Edition Reese Pushup is a perfect choice for the big day. With one of our perkiest fits and a special ballet back, this bra is great for tops with a low, sexy back.

If you love a sexy & sweet pair, the Jennifer Lightly Lined bra + our Softest Lace Thong is just for you. Jennifer features a special hidden underwire – great under any date night outfit.  Not to mention, she also has pretty lace trim on the sides & soft plush back straps. Match her with our Softest Lace Thong to complete a perfect pair.


We love the Bridget Pushup Bra for fashion + functionality. With pretty ruffle trim & bow details  coupled with soft foam cups & papertouch microfiber, this is the perfect bra to hang out in all Valentine’s Day long. Pair this bra with any of our favorite undies and you will have the coziest day ever.

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a cute pair of undies. Whether your style is tanga, boybrief, bikini or thong – we’ve got your covered with one of our seven sexy fits. Our favorite choice? Anything Vintage Lace of course!


Check out all of our sexy & sweet Valentine’s Day options at

AE Friends & Family: Meet Tuan T., Hairstylist

AE Friends & Family: Meet Tuan T., Hairstylist

Tuan T. has been styling hair for fifteen years and has been working with American Eagle Outfitters for the past four, on photo shoot sets and in the studio. Tuan is both friend and family to AE – his wife, Allison, works on our accessories team! Read below for a little glimpse into Tuan’s amazing career and personality.

How did you discover your passion for styling hair?

I always looked at magazines as a teen seeking out cool styles created in the editorials.

How did you get your start as a hair stylist?

My friend knew a producer that was taking care of the H&M show designed that season by Karl Lagerfeld. There were like 100 models and the key hairdresser Orlando Pita needed many many hands on board to create all the looks. After that Orlando asked me to help out on all of his shows from New York to Milan to Paris. It was such an eye opening time.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

My father. He owned this little barbershop and I would spend hours there watching all the barbers shape the hair on all the clients. There was a point where the shop was extremely busy and all you could see would be the many different colors of hair on the floor.

What is your dream job?

Already living it.  I get to do what I love the most.

tuan anh tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters emily beth bond spring 2013

Tuan does Emily Beth’s hair during our Spring 2013 photo shoot.

What is next on your ‘To Do In Life’ list?

I would love to have a hair care line and a salon with an advanced education program.

How would you describe your style?

Effortless. I like things to look beautiful without over doing it.

How does your work influence your style?

Your work environment and the people you collaborate with totally affects your vision.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love old photography and art books.

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for your job?

Girdwood, Alaska. Actually it was for American Eagle a few years ago. We had to shoot on top of one of the glaciers. And the best part was taking a helicopter to get to the top. Who gets to say they traveled to work via helicopter?

tuan anh tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters holiday 2011 alaska photo shoot

Tuan on set at our Holiday 2011 photo shoot in Alaska.

What was your favorite part of the AE Spring 2013 shoot?

Shooting in and around Los Angeles.  There are so many different terrains and backdrops to choose from.  You could literally be on the beach with an amazing sunset or in the desert with strong wind kicking back dust.

tuan ahn tran hair stylist american eagle outfitters jenna menard make up stylist laurel wells producer lindsey michelle spring 2013

Tuan (far right) with make-up artist Jenna M., cast member Lindsey, and producer Laurel W. during the Spring 2013 photo shoot.

How did you incorporate each kid’s personal style into their hair style for the Spring 2013 shoot?

Well I wanted each kid to have their own personality shine through their look. For example, Malia is from Oahu, Hawaii. It was the very end of the day and we were losing light.  The team insisted that we power through to get the shot,  but it started to rain and her hair got wet. In normal situations people would freak out and say, ” Oh no, we have to dry her hair off and re-do everything!”  But her hair actually looked really cool and made total sense wet.  Sometimes you have to go with certain scenarios and they end up being happy accidents.

Malia Murphey American Eagle Outfitters Spring 2013 Hair By Tuan Anh Tran

Tuan decided Malia’s hair in the rain fit her personality for this shot.

Do you have any cool interests or hobbies?

I love to cycle and to build bikes from scratch.  Finding the right components that go with each other when building a bike is the most gratifying thing to do.  Cycling gives me time to zone out and let my mind go.


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