Meet the Cast: Brandon

Meet the Cast: Brandon

Inspired by their passion and enthusiasm, we took eight individuals on a journey to the wilds of Oregon. Read below to find out more about one of the inspiring people featured in our Holiday 2012 campaign.

Meet Brandon: a natural body movement trainer from Bath, ME. Brandon calls himself a “salty dog,” meaning he’s from Maine and likes to be comfortable in what he wears. He’s a fine food and fitness fanatic who likes to carry mementos of his family and heritage wherever he travels.

To get to know the personalities of our holiday cast we took a peek inside their suitcases and had them describe the contents in their own words. Take a look at what Brandon can’t live without.

Brandon Sewall Natural Body Movement Trainer Pack Light Items Bath, Maine American Eagle Outfitters Holiday 2012

The basketball represents me as the all-around person I am. Playing basketball is one of my favorite things to do because it puts me in a state of bliss at times. My passport makes me feel like James Bond. I like to travel and always travel light in case anything hits the fan. My family heritage is important to me, so that’s why I chose some family passages from “Voyages Out to Sea.” Every item touches me nostalgically, spiritually and deeply.

Are you a basketball player or adventurer like Brandon? Let us know in the comments below.

Follow Brandon:

Twitter: @BrandonSewall

Website: Primitive Movement

Check out Brandon’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

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