Meet the Cast: Tiara

Meet the Cast: Tiara

Inspired by their passion and enthusiasm, we took eight individuals on a journey to the wilds of Oregon. Read below to find out more about one of the inspiring people featured in our Holiday 2012 campaign.

Meet Tiara: a musician and songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. Tiara previously wanted to be a fashion designer, but discovered music to be the real artistic outlet she was looking for. She wants her music to inspire people, to be relatable and to be real. Tiara just graduated from college and is ready to completely immerse herself in her music career.

To get to know the personalities of our holiday cast we took a peek inside their suitcases and had them describe the contents in their own words. Take a look at what Tiara can’t live without.

Tiara Thomas suitcase American Eagle

I brought items that keep me entertained, happy and comfortable on a regular basis. I chose a few musical instruments that are a huge part of my everyday life, a book because I like to read, as well a scarf and my favorite pair of comfy boots that represent my interest in clothes and fashion. Everything I brought was pretty simple but they’re all things that make me happy.

Check out Tiaras Pinterest board to learn more about her and see her favorite AE styles.

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