Meet the Cast: Sierra

Meet the Cast: Sierra

Inspired by their passion and enthusiasm, we took eight individuals on a journey to the wilds of Oregon. Read below to find out more about one of the inspiring people featured in our Holiday 2012 campaign.

Meet Sierra: a skier, surfer and yogi from Park City, UT. Sierra tried out college but realized the routine wasn’t for her – she needed life now. She sold everything she owned and moved to South America to ski and immerse herself in living life.  Sierra continues to live the nomadic lifestyle – if it doesn’t fit in her Subaru, she doesn’t own it.

To get to know the personalities of our holiday cast we took a peek inside their suitcases and had them describe the contents in their own words. Take a look at what Sierra can’t live without.

Sierra Quitiquit for American Eagle Outfitters Holiday 2012 pack light images

I’m often on the road chasing fresh powder, surf or the next beautiful adventure. I always bring a few of my treasures with me so I feel at home no matter where in the world my heart leads me.

Are you an adventurer and thrill seeker like Sierra? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out Sierra’s Pinterest board to see more of her favorite things and her favorite AE styles.

Follow Sierra:

Twitter: @SierraQuitiquit

Instagram: @SierraQuitiquit

Tumblr: WanderThisEarth

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