Meet the Cast: Priscilla

Meet the Cast: Priscilla

Inspired by their passion and enthusiasm, we took eight individuals on a journey to the wilds of Oregon. Read below to find out more about one of the inspiring people featured in our Holiday 2012 campaign.

Meet Priscilla: an artist from Bronx, NY. Priscilla never makes plans with anyone because life is too unpredictable for her. During the day, she teaches skateboarding for SURE Skateboards in New York City and works on her art at night. Priscilla has many passions but she ultimately aspires to teach art one day.

To get to know the personalities of our holiday cast we took a peek inside their suitcases and had them describe the contents in their own words. Take a look at what Priscilla can’t live without.

Pricillia Bouillon for American Eagle Outfitters Holiday 2012 Pack Light

Bunny was given to me by my mom and I’ve had her as long as I can remember. My family is split so whenever I’d visit my dad or had to go away she was like a little piece of home and my mom to take with me. I’ve been through a lot and I know she’s just a stuffed animal but I feel super comforted when she’s around. I skate because it sets me free, just like my art.  I can get completely lost in both. I consider them my vice. When I’m on my board I can put my arms up in the middle of the street when everyone is asleep and overcome anything because the streets belong to me. The elephants are because they are my favorite creature (I even have an elephant tattoo). They’re humble, gentle, strong, considerate and smart -everything needed to create harmony in life. The scarves and colors represent how I like to create beauty around me. You can take a scarf, hang it somewhere in a crappy room and bring a little color and culture to it.

Are you a skateboarder or artist like Priscilla? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out Priscilla’s Pinterest board to see more of her favorite things and her favorite AE styles.

Follow Priscilla on Instagram: @Prisca130

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