Introducing Aerie Shimmer

Introducing Aerie Shimmer

Jamie Sanders, Aerie copy writer & resident beauty expert, recently tested out our newest fragrance, Shimmer. Read more for her thoughts on how this beauty product captured her heart and don’t forget to check out her beauty blog at

Jamie Sanders Aerie Copywriter

Jamie Sanders, Aerie Copywriter and Editor-in-Chief of Beauty of Life

Grey may be the color of the moment for a lot of reasons (or, okay, because of one steamy trilogy), but for me, it’s because of Aerie Shimmer. Aerie’s latest fragrance tells you to “light up the room” … and, I have to say, even though the bottle is pale grey, it really does.

The notes in this fragrance just make me feel like I’m going to shimmer and shine all day long, no matter what! And, really, have you ever heard of a more beautiful blend than bergamot, peony and vanilla? They somehow create a scent that’s at once light and crisp, yet sexy and warm.

But it’s the bottle itself that really stole my heart. Keith Fiore, who designed the bottle, told me that he wanted to make it unique. He was inspired by both the trends in our graphic T’s and by messages that you can read through frosted windows—so cool, right?

I’m excited to display this fragrance on my vanity, since it really is so different than any other in my collection. My only problem… What to do when I drain the bottle?

— Jamie Allison Sanders

Editor-in-Chief, The Beauty of Life (

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