Meet the People: Frankie

Meet the People: Frankie

Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling each cast member from the Live Your Life campaign. The blog posts were written & photos were captured by Leanne F., who traveled with the crew during the shoot to document the experience.

Frankie is beyond cool:  he is the definition of cool. He was super quiet until we got him talking about the things he loves. Frankie loves bikes, art, tattoos, “The Clash”, and his musical request for the shoot and general hero, Iggy Pop.

Frankie and his father during the Live Your Life shoot.

Frankie grew up around motorcycles. Right now he is working on a 1940 Harley Davidson with his famous Biker grandpa, the guy who started Easy Rider Magazine, K. Randall Ball. He is going to race the motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September! If he wins, he and his grandfather will have rebuilt the fastest bike in its class in the world.


A behind the scenes photo from Frankie’s Live Your Life shoot.

His hair was greased and slicked back, the way he has always worn it- it’s how his parents combed it for him as a little kid and he just kept it going. His arms and chest seem to be on the way to being filled up with tattoos, and considering he is a tattoo artist, that makes sense. We were hanging out outside while he leaned on his motorcycle and explained the ins and outs of the tattoo business. I personally am tattoo free, but if I was going to get one, you better believe he would be my guy.


Frankie shoes off a few of his tattoos.

While we were shooting Frankie we were trying to get him to smile every once in a while so I asked him, “Hey Frankie, what do you think about girls?”  He didn’t even flinch before smiling and answering, “They smell good.” Coolest answer ever.

Watch below to learn more about Frankie:

Get to know Frankie and see some of his favorite AE styles on our Pinterest board.

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