Meet the People: Aaron

Meet the People: Aaron

Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling each cast member from the Live Your Life campaign. The blog posts were written & photos were captured by Leanne F., who traveled with the crew during the shoot to document the experience.


You know those days you just never want to end? I feel that every time I am in San Luis Obispo, CA and I especially felt that way at Aaron’s house. Aaron and his fiance Hillary really showed us a good time!  We went to Aaron’s house first, a really awesome white farmhouse on tons of land. The first couple hours consisted of all the boys on the crew taking turns finding an excuse to move tractors and old trucks around. Half of the time our photographer David was just cruising around on their old John Deere. He looked very at home behind the wheel of that beast. My favorite part of the morning was when Hillary’s old blue truck got stuck and all the guys on the shoot ran up to push it out of the mud. Now that is team work!


A behind the scenes photo from Aaron’s shoot in San Luis Obispo.

After a morning of playing with all the toys at the house, we went to his friend’s dirt bike track so Aaron could show us his dirt bike skills. Aaron rode professionally for a long time and has tons of trophies in his garage to show for it. He is embarrassed to show them off, but luckily Hillary gave us a tip that they were in there.


Aaron shows off his dirt bike racing trophies.

In the afternoon we started playing with dirt bikes, dune buggies and mini bikes! Aaron was doing tricks over and over again. He must have done  over a hundred wheelies and got some major air on all those jumps. He impressed us all afternoon. As the sun began to set, we sat on his porch and talked about what a great day we had in San Luis Obispo. I can’t wait to come back and get some more dirt on my boots.

We love this photo of Hillary and Aaron!

Watch below to learn more about Aaron (hint, he likes dirt!):


Get to know Aaron and see some of his favorite AE styles on our Pinterest board.

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