Meet the People: Chase

Meet the People: Chase

Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling each cast member from the Live Your Life campaign. The blog posts were written & photos were captured by Leanne F., who traveled with the crew during the shoot to document the experience.

Chase’s backyard is the beach.

Starting your day on the ocean in Newport Beach isn’t that bad! Chase wakes up every day to the waves, sand, and sun. Well… usually! This morning Chase woke up at Coachella Music Festival at 4 a.m. and drove back home to meet us! For a boy with no sleep you couldn’t tell! (He said the festival was amazing!)

Chase gets ready to show off his surfing skills.

Chase’s girlfriend, Kelsey, stopped by and she was so cute that we put her in cute AE outfits and “forced her” to get in the pictures with Chase. But of course, she was up for it! Who wouldn’t want hair and makeup, a stylist, and cute pictures with their boyfriend? Kelsey and Chase looked adorable together.


Kelsey was excited for the chance to take photos with Chase.


Chase showed off his surf skills for us right in his backyard.  Our photographer put his own wetsuit on and went right in the water to catch the action. We all watched from the safety of the beach, but I secretly wished I was in there with them. I opted to stay dry, but there is something really awesome about watching surfing.  We all pretended we lived in Chase’s house for the day-full wall of windows to the ocean and sunshine shining in. In fact, we felt so at home that we took a little time to get some R&R and lay on his deck in the sunshine. A girl could get used to this life.


Watch below to learn more about Chase:


Check out our Chase Pinterest Board to get Chase’s favorite AE looks and see some of his favorite things.

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